May 28, 2019

Part of a select group

BEIJING, China—During Kevin Techakanokboon’s first season on PGA TOUR Series-China, he didn’t have much success for most of the season. At one point between May and July of 2018, Techakanokboon missed four consecutive cuts followed by a withdrawal. In his next two starts, while he made the cut he didn’t contend, tying for 55th in Beijing and tying for 31st in Macau. Time was running out, with limited opportunities remaining for him to retain his playing privileges into 2019.

On October 7, the Cerritos, Calif., native finally had the moment he was waiting for. Taking the lead into the final round at the Zhuhai Championship, Techakanokboon held on for a one-stroke victory over Yuwa Kosaihira. That guaranteed him a place to play in 2019, and that win seemingly opened the floodgates for continued success.

This season, Techakanokboon has made the cut in five of his six starts, a tie for 25th his worst showing among his made cuts. In mid-May, the Long Beach State University graduate tied for sixth at the Qinhuangdao Championship, setting the stage for his 65-67 final two rounds at last week’s Nantong Championship that was enough to get him into a playoff with Stephen Lewton, an extra session he would win in the pouring rain.

Prior to that win in Zhuhai, Techakanokboon was the 2,021st-ranked player in the Official World Golf Ranking. Two victories later and he checks in inside the top 500—at No. 496.

Techakanokboon also joins a select group of PGA TOUR Series-China players who have won multiple titles. Fourteen players since the Tour’s inception in 2014 have won at least two tournaments, led by China’s Zecheng Dou and American Charlie Saxon, with four wins each.


PGA TOUR Series-China Multiple Tournament Winners

Total Wins


Tournament Wins                                                        


Zecheng Dou (China)

2016 Yulongwan Yunnan Open

2016 Nanjing Open

2016 United Investment Real Estate Open

2016 Henan Open


Charlie Saxon (U.S.)

2016 Pingan Bank Open

2016 Zhuhai Hengqing Phoenix Tree Open

2018 Changsha Championship

2018 Guilin Championship


Josh Geary (New Zealand)

2015 Buick Open

2015 Lanhai Open

2015 Yulongwan Yunnan Open


Haotong Li (China)

2014 Jianye Tianzhu Henan Open

2014 Sanya Hainan Open

2014 Tour Championship by CTS Tycoon


Nick Voke (New Zealand)

2018 Qinhuangdao Championship

2018 Macau Championship

2018 Clearwater Bay Open


Todd Baek (South Korea)

2014 Chateau Junding Penglai Open

2018 Haikou Championship


Gunn Charoenkul (Thailand)

2014 Yunnan Open

2016 Chongqing Newtown KingRun Open


Richard Jung (Canada)

2018 Suzhou Championship

2019 Qinhuangdao Championship


Taewoo Kim (South Korea)

2016 Pingan Private Bank Open

2016 Putian Open


Bryden Macpherson (Australia)

2015 Cadillac Championship

2015 Lushan Open


David McKenzie (Australia)

2014 Lanhai Open

2014 Cadillac Championship


Kevin Techakanokboon (U.S.)

2018 Zhuhai Open

2019 Nantong Championship


Huilin Zhang (China)

2015 Hainan Open

2016 Buick Open


Xinjun Zhang (China)

2014 Beijing Open

2015 Chongqing Open