October 15, 2019

What They’re Saying about McGreevy

Max McGreevy cut a wide swath on PGA TOUR Series-China on what will likely be his only year on the Tour. He came to China looking for redemption, and a place to play, after he lost his playing privileges on the Korn Ferry Tour. McGreevy did exactly what he set out to do, earning enough money to return to the 2020 Korn Ferry Tour. As the Order of Merit winner and Player of the Year, McGreevy will be exempt to play in every event. Numerous players know him and his game, and they offered their thoughts on McGreevy as a player and as a person.


“I’ve lived in the same town as Max (Edmond, Okla., and Dallas, Texas) ever since he turned pro, but we honestly haven’t spent a lot of time together or played at all recently since college. He played the Mackenzie Tour when I was on the Korn Ferry Tour, and he played the Korn Ferry Tour when I was in China. Then I played the Korn Ferry Tour, and he’s in China. I’m really looking forward to next year with us both playing the same Tour and getting to travel together.” –Charlie Saxon, No. 2 on the 2018 Order of Merit, current Korn Ferry Tour member and former college teammate

“Max is a great player and will be successful anywhere he plays, but I felt that the style of golf in China was especially suited for him. He does a lot of things really well, but I think the best part about his game is that he’s a feisty competitor and a grinder. The guy loves to compete and isn’t afraid of a challenge. He’s always had a swagger about him and a confidence in himself that I think is one of his biggest weapons.” –Charlie Saxon

“His play was just so consistent. It was unbelievable. I played on this Tour last year, and we had three guys who it seemed were always vying for wins every week, in Cal (Callum Tarren), Nick (Voke) and Charlie (Saxon). But Max was in the hunt, it seemed, every week. I don’t think he was ever out of the hunt this year.” –Trevor Sluman, No. 2 on the 2019 Order of Merit

“I played with Max a few times, and I think he is a really good player. He’s very consistent and it seemed like he finished inside the top 10 in every tournament. He’s a very nice guy, and I learned a lot from him.” –Zhengkai Bai, No. 6 on the 2019 Order of Merit

“The season he had is pretty incredible. I don’t think the guy ever finished outside the top 10. It seemed like even when you don’t see his name on the leaderboard, he would shoot a low one on Sunday and sneak back in there.” –Cyril Bouniol, No. 4 on the 2019 Order of Merit

“He played great for a whole year, and you really don’t see that much on any Tour. It was very impressive, and I’m really happy for him. He’s a great guy and is going to have a great year next year.” –Trevor Sluman

“We’ve actually never played together. I’ve never seen him swing. It’s very bizarre. We were supposed to play in the third round of Nansha. It was going to be a fun group, David Kocher, Max and myself, but we got rained out. We’ve never played, so I couldn’t tell you what I like about his game.” –Trevor Sluman

“This is very deserving. He played unbelievablly. Nine top-10s is kind of insane.” –David Kocher, No. 3 on the 2019 Order of Merit

“He played great. I think most people would agree he’s played the best all year. He didn’t miss a cut—I don’t think he even sniffed missing a cut. Even when it looked like he was out of an event, he would shoot something low in the third or final round and be right there. This is definitely well-deserved.” –Joey Lane, No. 10 on the 2019 Order of Merit

“I know Max is going to come out on the Korn Ferry Tour next year and play great. After he lost his Korn Ferry Tour card, he was trying to decide what his game plan for next year was going to be, and I somehow talked him into going to China. He was pretty reluctant at first, but he finally came around.” –Charlie Saxon

“First of all, Max is a great dude. He was a couple years younger than me in school, so I have watched him grow up as a player and as a guy.” –Michael Gellerman, former college teammate and current PGA TOUR member

“He’s an incredibly fierce competitor and can, it seems, almost will the ball in the hole at times he needs it most. I’m just proud and happy for him mostly because I know how hard he’s worked to become the player he is now.” –Michael Gellerman

“He’s probably the best putter I’ve ever come across. Consistently over the years, he just putts so well. We play practice rounds together, and in tournaments I’ve seen him play, it sure seems like he has that power to will the ball into the hole. It’s crazy.” –Luke Kwon, No. 5 on the 2019 Order of Merit and former college teammate

“As long as I’ve known him, he’s absolutely rolled the rock. His is a bit of an unconventional-looking (putting) stroke, but when he gets to feeling it, which is often, it can get silly.” –Charlie Saxon

“I was thinking about this earlier this year. I wonder if I would have played as well as I did this year if Max hadn’t come to China. I learn so much from that guy. His golf IQ is as high as anyone’s. He’s so aware of things, and I’m constantly learning things from him.” –Luke Kwon

“It’s good to have someone you’re traveling around with. We’ve had a fun time together this year.” –Luke Kwon

“At the first tournament I saw him (Chongqing Championship), where I finished third, I was trying to jump him. Pretty much the whole year I was trying to beat Max. I knew if I beat him, I would be moving up the Order of Merit.” –David Kocher

“I had the pleasure to play with him in the first two rounds the week I won in Suzhou. He’s just a great guy, a great golfer and he deserves this. He didn’t show any weakness at any points. Guys out here miss cuts, and he didn’t. He got a win, and he probably could have had a couple more if some things had gone his way. It’s no surprise that he won the Order of Merit.” –Cyril Bouniol

“Our games are pretty different. They’re really not that comparable. I like to hit a lot more finesse shots, and he doesn’t. But I learn a lot from his differences and why he does what he does.” –Luke Kwon

“It’s his mindset that makes him great. He’s such a fighter out there. He does everything really, really well and he’s so consistent. It’s cool to watch, and it’s fun to go chase him every week.” –David Kocher

“It’s been fun seeing his success from afar. He and I have had kind of similar pro-career paths in that we both got on to the Korn Ferry Tour after our first year playing the developmental tours, and we both played awful golf and had to go back to the drawing board and re-tool. So, I feel like we’ve been able to encourage each other in that and relate to the ups and downs that we’ve both gone through.” –Charlie Saxon

“I couldn’t be more excited for him that he won the Order of Merit and pulled off what I wasn’t able to do in 2016 and 2018. We’ve always had a bit of a competitive relationship that’s pushed both of us, and he’s going to hang that over my head forever that he won the Order of Merit and I never did. He’s only has one win in China, though, so at least I’ve got something to come back at him with.” –Charlie Saxon