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2020 PGA TOUR Series-China Qualifying Tournaments

Application for Entry

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Entry Fee: 1650USD

Entry Fee: 8000RMB

Registration Process

  1. Registration form must be completely filled out to be approved. Please make sure the email address and phone number are right, which are the ONLY ways we can contact players.
  2. Finish the payment process.
  3. Players will receive a confirmation email after the TOUR has approved your application.
    Note: If the player has not received an email from the TOUR after finishing the payment, please contact
  4. Registration will be confirmed ONLY based on receiving the confirmation email. Spots are limited, and are on a first-come, first reserved basis.
  5. Players may only apply and play in one of the designated Q-Schools.

Payment Options

Payments are accepted in Chinese Renminbi and United States Dollars.
Payment is required at time of application.

  1. Payments are accepted in United States Dollars through Stripe payment gateway.
  2. Payments are accepted in Chinese RMB through ALIPAY(支付宝).


The undersigned hereby grants and assigns to PGA TOUR, Inc., without limitation, the undersigned’s individual television, radio, motion picture, photographic, electronic, internet “Interactive Applications” (as defined below) and all other media rights with respect to the undersigned’s participation in the qualifying tournament or any portion thereof (i.e., at all times on-site during Tournament week and during any Tournament-related activities), or any other footage of the undersigned that may be captured by PGA TOUR Entertainment or its contractors with the undersigned’s permission, with the understanding that PGA TOUR’s use thereof shall be limited to the following: (1) advertising, promoting or publicizing the PGA TOUR SERIES-CHINA, PGA TOUR, PGA TOUR charitable initiatives, tournaments or any broadcasts thereof; (2) live broadcasts during tournaments, (3) broadcasts or exhibitions on a recorded basis as part of a program or motion picture of tournaments or year-end summaries of sports award programs, any news or sports news or other programs or any other transmission, reproduction, recording, or photograph of tournaments in any and all media now known or hereafter developed; provided, that no rights are being granted hereunder by the undersigned for use in any program or motion picture designed for instructional purposes; and (4) live or taped non-exclusive updates. “Interactive Applications” shall mean the presentation in any medium in a way that permits the viewer to interact with or manipulate the presentation or access other relevant information during the presentation. The undersigned understands that use of social media during the Tournament is permitted to the extent provided in the PGA TOUR Trial Guidelines for Players Posting/Streaming to Social Media On Site and At Events, as may be amended by TOUR (“Social Media Guidelines”) and agrees to comply with the Social Media Guidelines. The undersigned agrees to refrain from any action which will interfere with PGA TOUR’s ownership of the rights hereunder granted and assigned to PGA TOUR or with any authorized use thereof. The undersigned also agrees to abide by and be governed by the PGA TOUR Tournament Regulations currently in effect (and, if a member of PGA TOUR, attest that a copy thereof has been furnished to me) and by the Rules of Golf of the R & A, subject to any modifications thereof approved by PGA TOUR.

The undersigned hereby declares that they have the financial capacity to support themselves on the PGA TOUR SERIES-CHINA for one full year and that the foregoing information furnished by player in the Application is true and complete; and understands that any material false statements herein furnished by player may result in their expulsion from the Tournament and the suspension or termination of their playing privileges in tournaments cosponsored, approved or endorsed by PGA TOUR, Inc. and Shankai Sports.

DRUG TESTING: I understand that drug testing may be conducted on players pursuant to the PGA TOUR Anti- Doping Program (“the Anti-Doping Program”) and/or Chinese National Anti-Doping Agency. As a potential member of PGA TOUR SERIES-CHINA, I understand I may be bound by the requirements of the Anti-Doping Program specifically including but not limited to the following: to provide a urine and/or blood sample to any testing agency authorized by the PGA TOUR at any time or place without advance notice; that refusal to provide the type of sample required by the PGA TOUR, if requested, will constitute an antidoping rule violation; that any sample collected shall become the property of the PGA TOUR; that the PGA TOUR may disseminate information pertaining to me relevant to the Anti-Doping Program, as permitted by the Anti-Doping Program; and that the Results Management provisions of the Program shall provide the sole and exclusive method for resolving any dispute related to drug testing.

INTEGRITY PROGRAM: The PGA TOUR Integrity Program is intended to maintain integrity and prevent betting-related corruption in PGA TOUR competitions. I consent and agree to be bound by all terms of the PGA TOUR Integrity Program Manual (the “Integrity Program Manual”) with respect to my participation in the Tournament. The Integrity Program Manual, among other things: prohibits me from betting on the Tournament and providing inside information to third parties for purposes of betting on the Tournament; requires me to report any violations of the Integrity Program Manual to the PGA TOUR; and establishes a process for the monitoring, investigation, sanctioning and disclosure of violations of the Integrity Program Manual.

By submission of this entry, I agree to the following:

  • I agree to the regulations on Exhibit A included herewith and I agree that my entry is subject to rejection at any time.
  • I agree that certain risks are inherent to the game of golf and accept personal and sole liability for all such risks.
  • I agree that the responsibility of insuring this application is received by PGA TOUR SERIES-CHINA by no later than the applicable entry deadline as set forth on Exhibit A is mine alone and that this application will be automatically rejected if it is received by PGA TOUR SERIES-CHINA after such date and time.
  • I agree that the risk of delay lies solely with me and that the PGA TOUR SERIES-CHINA has no liability with respect to any such delay and the consequences there from, including rejection of this entry.
  • I agree that the application must be completely executed before I will be entered in the Tournament.
  • I agree that all charges associated with this application made to either my personal credit card or a third-party credit card are my responsibility and that should these charges be rejected, disputed or otherwise remain unpaid, my Membership privileges in PGA TOUR SERIES-CHINA may be forfeited. Notwithstanding the foregoing, PGA TOUR SERIES-CHINA reserves the right to deduct any rejected, disputed or otherwise unpaid charges from any prize money owed to me.

Personal information collected from applicants will be used by PGA TOUR for the purpose of administering the tournament and to provide applicants with information relating to products, services and promotions of PGA TOUR and affiliates of PGA TOUR. PGA TOUR shall not sell, share or otherwise disclose personal information of applicants with third parties, other than to third parties engaged by PGA TOUR to fulfill the above purposes or as otherwise consented to by the applicant. To view PGA TOUR’s Privacy Policy, visit

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Exhibit A - Qualifying Procedures & Information Sheet

A 72-hole stroke play competition with the low 45 qualifiers and ties at each site earning eligibility status for the 2020 PGA TOUR Series-China season. The winner of each international Q-School site will be exempt for the entire 2020 season*. Finishers 2 - 15 will be exempt through the first reshuffle following the completion of the seventh event in 2020. In the event of a tie for 1st or 15th position, there will be a hole-by-hole playoff immediately following play. Finishers 1-15 from the Mainland China Q-School will be exempt for the entire 2020 season*. Finishers 16-45 and ties on Chinese and Intl. Q-School have Conditional status and are subject to reshuffle after the first 7 events based on Order Of Merit.
*Note: The sixth event of the season will have special eligibility (TBD) and the season ending event will also have special eligibility based on performance during the season, not Q-school.

The Qualifying Tournament becomes official after 36 holes have been played.

Field Size
Maximum of 132 players in each tournament field. Entries will be on a first-come first-served basis. Should the field reach the maximum number of players; an alternate list will be created based on the date and time of receipt of application.

Entry Deadlines
Entries for Mainland China Q-School are due January 3rd, 2020 at 5:00PM China Standard Time(GMT+8)
Entries for international Q-School #1 are due February 21st, 2020 at 5:00PM China Standard Time(GMT+8)
Entries for international Q-School #2 are due February 28th, 2020 at 5:00PM China Standard Time(GMT+8)

Entry Fees
$1650 USD per International Q-School8000 RMB Mainland Chinese only Q-School (Chinese Passport Holders Only)
Entry fee includes: green fee, range usage on the practice and competition days.

Professionals and Amateurs with a handicap index when applied to the qualifying course slope will generate a handicap of four (4) or less. PGA TOUR SERIES-CHINA reserves the right to verify the handicap index of amateurs and to refuse anyone not meeting the requirements.

In accordance with PGA TOUR SERIES-CHINA Tournament Regulations, a player must be 18 years of age or older to be eligible for membership. A player under the age of 18 may enter a PGA TOUR SERIES-CHINA Qualifying Tournament, provided the player turns 16 on or before the first scheduled round of the first official money PGA TOUR SERIES-CHINA tournament of the season. If a player under the age of 18 qualifies for PGA TOUR SERIES-CHINA, the player would not become eligible for PGA TOUR SERIES-CHINA membership until his 18th birthday.
**Note: Per PGA TOUR Series-China Regulations, players eligible to compete in co-sponsored events shall be PGA TOUR Series-China, PGA TOUR, Korn Ferry Tour, Mackenzie Tour-PGA TOUR Canada and PGA TOUR Latinoamérica members and qualified amateurs.

Starting Times
Starting times will be available two days preceding the Qualifying competition at the host facilities or on the web at

Withdrawals & Refunds
Withdrawls are only accepted by a scanned written letter or email to

  1. Applicants who withdraw before the entry deadline will receive a full refund.
  2. Applicants who withdraw after the entry deadline and before the first official practice round will receive a refund minus half of their entry fee.

Practice Rounds
Official Practice Rounds will be played the first day of tournament week. Unofficial practice Rounds must be arranged with the host facility. Any fees are at their discretion.

Rules of Golf
Play shall be governed in accordance with R&A and United States Golf Association, as modified by the PGA TOUR SERIES-CHINA Local Rules and Conditions of Competition card and supplemented by the Notice to Competitors. Questions or disputes (including equipment rulings) shall be settled by the on-site Rules Committee appointed by PGA TOUR SERIES-CHINA, whose decision shall be final.

Pace of Play will be in accordance with 2020 PGA TOUR SERIES-CHINA Pace of Play Policy except fine structure will not apply.
The condition of competition for Groove Specifications in Elite Competitions will NOT be in effect for the Qualifying Tournament.
Distance Measuring Devices are permitted during competitive qualifying rounds but can only be used to measure distance. The slope, wind speed and other features are not allowed and must be turned off.

Spike Policy
The use of traditional metal spikes are NOT allowed during the Competition.

Players and Caddies shall walk at all times during the Qualifying Tournament, except when permitted to ride by the Rules Committee. Players are required to have a caddie; caddie may carry their clubs or use a manual pull cart.

Players: While on the host facility property, during official rounds, players shall present a neat appearance in both clothing and personal grooming. Blue jeans, shorts, cutoffs, T-shirts or shirts with no collar shall not be worn. During the practice round(s), players will be permitted to wear golf shorts. Shorts must be knee-length, tailored and neat in appearance.
Caddies: While on the host facility property, caddies may wear either long pants or tailored solid colored knee length shorts. Blue jeans, cutoffs, T-shirts or shirts with no collar shall not be worn. Smooth rubber sole shoes are required. Sandals, open toe shoes, and golf shoes with traditional metal or soft spikes are prohibited.

While on host facility property during qualifying rounds; players and caddies shall conduct themselves in a professional manner. PGA TOUR SERIES-CHINA reserves the right to remove a player from the qualifying competition for any reasons that PGA TOUR SERIES – CHINA deems interferes with the competition including, but not limited to: non competitiveness; conduct unbecoming a professional by the player; and/or conduct unbecoming a professional by the player’s caddie.

Non-Competitive Performance
PGA TOUR SERIES-CHINA reserves the right to remove an applicant from the competition if an applicant returns a non-competitive score after any round of the PGA TOUR SERIES-CHINA Qualifying Tournament.

Reduction or Cancellation
Any reduction or cancellation in the respective qualifying competition shall be in accordance with Reduction/Cancellation Guidelines as found in the PGA TOUR SERIES-CHINA Tournament Regulations. In the event that the competition is cancelled, all entry fees will be refunded.

If in the judgment of the on-site PGA TOUR SERIES-CHINA Rules Official or designee, whose decision shall be final, conditions render commencement or continuation of tournament play inadvisable, play shall be postponed until such time as the PGA TOUR SERIES-CHINA Rules Official or designee determines that such weather conditions or other occurrences or conditions have improved significantly for play to commence or resume.

In situations involving adverse weather conditions or any other occurrence or condition, our first priority is the completion of the qualifying competition. Every effort will be made to achieve this objective by the end of the scheduled competition day.

In the event the qualifying competition cannot be completed by the end of the scheduled competitive day, play will be extended. Every effort will be made to complete the qualifying competition as soon as possible. The competition will not continue beyond the end of the day immediately following the last scheduled tournament round of the competition. The PGA TOUR SERIES-CHINA Weather Guidelines will be in effect.

PGA TOUR SERIES-CHINA Reserves the right to change the format, field size, venue(s), qualifying spots and other criteria as presently contemplated.

The lowest 45 finishers and ties from International Qualifying Tournaments, after the conclusion of play will be eligible for 2020 PGA TOUR SERIES-CHINA membership, unless PGA TOUR SERIES-CHINA, in its sole discretion, elects not to award a member based on other factors. In each of the two qualifying tournaments, the winner is exempt for the year, except the 6th event and last Championship, finishers 2 to 15 are exempt through the first seven events (please see *Note above regarding special eligibility for 6th event) then subject to a reshuffle, finishers 16 to 45 and ties earn conditional status and are subject to a reshuffle after the 7th event.

The lowest 45 finishers and ties at the mainland Chinese Q-school Tournament after the conclusion of play will be eligible for 2020 PGA TOUR SERIES-CHINA membership, unless PGA TOUR SERIES-CHINA, in its sole discretion, elects not to award a member based on other factors. The top 15 finishers are exempt for the year except the last Championship. NOTE: Players finishing in the lowest 15 who are amateurs, players who choose not become members and players under the age of 18 are included in the lowest 15.

Conditional membership will be awarded to 16th-45th players and ties based on finish. Ties will be broken for the purpose of ranking on the 2020 eligibility list by matching final round scores on the host course. Ties remaining after the match of final round scores on the host course will be broken by matching individual hole scores in descending order, beginning with the 18th hole of the final round on the host course.

Priority is based on finish position at each site in alternating order beginning with the 16th place finisher from Chinese Q-School, 16th place finisher from International Q-School 1(Bintan), 16th place finisher from International Q-School 2(Phuket), 17th place finisher from Chinese Q-School, 17th place finisher from International Q-School 1, 17th place finisher from International Q-School 2 etc.

**Note: Conditional membership does not guarantee starts on PGA TOUR Series - China.

PGA TOUR SERIES-CHINA reserves the right to decrease the number of full cards and conditional cards awarded should the field size be under 132 players. In this scenario, the number of full cards and conditional cards available will be posted onsite prior to the 1st round.

Access to PGA TOUR SERIES-CHINA tournaments is determined by a player’s finishing position at the PGA TOUR SERIES-CHINA Qualifying Tournament. It is anticipated conditional members will have limited access.

All players receiving membership into PGA TOUR SERIES-CHINA are required to stay for a mandatory orientation at the conclusion of the final round. Please plan your travel schedule accordingly. Details and location will be posted in advance.

The deadline to submit an Application for Membership and payment of 3000 RMB or 425 USD for annual dues is March 20, 2020.

Performance Benefits for PGA TOUR SERIES- CHINA Members
The top five players on the 2020 PGA TOUR SERIES-CHINA Points List will receive Korn Ferry Tour membership for 2021, with the leading points earner becoming exempt for the 2021 season.

Players finishing 6-10 on the 2020 PGA TOUR SERIES-CHINA Points List will be exempt into the Final Stage of the 2021 Korn Ferry Tour Qualifying Tournament.

Players finishing in positions 11-25 on 2020 PGA TOUR Series-China Points List will be exempt into Second Stage of the Korn Ferry Tour Qualifying Tournament.

All 2020 PGA TOUR Series-China members will be exempt into First Stage of the Korn Ferry Tour Qualifying Tournament.

The Top-50 players on the 2020 PGA TOUR Series-China Points List will be fully exempt for the 2021 PGA TOUR Series-China season.

***Note: In 2020, along with PGA TOUR Latinoamérica and the Mackenzie Tour-PGA TOUR Canada, PGA TOUR Series-China will move away from a money based, Order of Merit system to a points-based merit system.

2020 Schedule Dates for PGA TOUR Series- China

Event # 1 March 23rd – 29th Event # 8 June 8th – 14th
Event # 2 March 30th – April 5th     Event # 9 June 15th – 21st
Event # 3 April 6th – 12th Event # 10 July 13th – 19th
Event # 4 April 13th – 19th Event # 11 July 20th – 26th
Event # 5 May 4th – 10th Event # 12 September 7th – 13th
Event # 6 May 11th – 17th Event # 13 September 14th – 20th
Event # 7 May 18th – 24th Event # 14 September 21st – 27th